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Check this page regularly for details of new and exciting products available from our online shop...

  • 35 litre XXL Really Useful Box 18-Nov-2016 NEW PRODUCT: 35 litre XXL Really Useful Box
    We have launched a new version of our popular LP storage box. As with the 35 litre XL Really Useful Box, the new 35 litre XXL Really Useful Box holds up to 95 vinyl LPs but is tall enough to allow index cards as well. You can also buy the box with dividers included - please see the 35 litre XXL Really Useful Box + 5 dividers page.
    Online price £16.00
  • 0.14 litre Organiser Pack (Graduated Pink) 25-Oct-2016 NEW PRODUCT: 0.14 litre Really Useful Organiser Pack (Graduated Pink)
    Our popular 0.14 litre Organiser Pack is now available in a special graduated pink edition. The tray is transparent bright pink and contains 16x0.14 litre boxes in graduated shades of pink. It comes complete with screw holes for mounting on the wall.
    Online price £9.49
  • Rock n Roll and Fast Cars 12-Aug-2016 NEW BOOK: "Rock 'n' Roll and Fast Cars"
    "Rock 'n' Roll and Fast Cars" is a book of photographs and accompanying stories covering Martyn Goddard's forty-plus years working as a photographer. Order now for only £30 including FREE UK delivery.
  • 26 litre Really Useful Box & Tray Pack 13-Jun-2016 NEW PRODUCT: 26 litre Really Useful Box & Tray Pack
    Our new 26 litre Really Useful Box and 26 litre Really Useful Tray Pack are perfect for storing wrapping paper, Christmas decorations, etc.
  • Extra strong 9 litre XL and 19 litre XL Really Useful Boxes now available 20-Nov-2015 EXTRA STRONG 9 litre XL & 19 litre XL Boxes Now Available!
    Extra strong versions of the 9 litre XL (which holds 100 vinyl 7" singles) and 19 litre XL (which holds 50 vinyl LPs) boxes are now available, created because of public demand at the 2015 "Musicmania" Olympia Record Fair!
    We have sourced a special grade of high impact plastic for these boxes, which are only available in the natural material colour of near white. These boxes are much stronger than all other models and are perfect for uses where the contents require maximum protection from damage e.g. record storage, courier boxes for parcel deliveries or airfreight, etc. The colour choice is listed as "white strong".
  • New colour choice - more glitter! 05-Oct-2015 NEW COLOUR: More Glitter!
    Many of our fun and colourful Pencil Pots are now available in glitter variations, created by adding glitter to the plastic. Check them out now and add some sparkle to your life!
  • New colour choice - glitter 08-Sep-2015 NEW COLOUR: Glitter!
    Some products are now available in glitter variations, created by adding glitter to the plastic. A tower of rainbow of transparent glitter coloured drawers looks particularly stunning and will brighten up any office or home.

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