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35 litre Really Useful Smash & Grab Box


35 litre Really Useful Smash & Grab Box 35 litre Really Useful Smash & Grab Box with the Little Smasher 35 litre Really Useful Smash & Grab Box with the Little Smasher
Buy 35 litre Really Useful Smash & Grab Boxes (including lids):
Online price £1,083.18 (inc. VAT) per pallet of 42 boxes (£25.79 per box)


External: 480 x 390 x 310
Internal: 370 x 310 x 280
(length x width x depth in mm)

Smash & Grab!
These ultra-strong boxes have been specifically developed for use with Smash & Grab Glass Recycling Ltd's "Little Smasher".

Waste glass bottles are an expensive and irritating problem for Licensed Retail Premises, and raise environmental concerns as most glass is currently disposed of into increasingly scarce landfill. Smash & Grab Glass Recycling Ltd approaches the problem by tackling glass waste where it arises and providing an efficient and reliable collection service. They have designed and produced a radically different glass smashing machine - the "Little Smasher" which is simple, small and easy to install.

The "Little Smasher" takes 15-20 wine and beer bottles at a time into its top-loading hopper and smashes them down to 20% of their original volume in less than 6 seconds. The smashed glass automatically collects in a 35 litre Really Useful Smash & Grab Box under the machine. It will hold the equivalent of 60 smashed wine bottles or 100 smashed beer bottles.

Ultra strong!
These boxes are even tougher than our extra strong boxes! As well as being made from a special grade of high impact plastic, additional material is used to reinforce the bottom of the boxes.

These boxes are much stronger than all other models and are perfect for use with Smash & Grab Limited's "Little Smasher" as well as all uses where the contents require maximum protection from damage e.g. courier boxes for parcel deliveries or airfreight.

Please note:

  • All product prices are shown inclusive of VAT.
  • In light of ongoing Brexit talks and the uncertainty over a deal/no deal outcome we have regrettably had to suspend deliveries to Ireland (both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland). We will review this in the New Year when more information is available regarding the implications of these deliveries. In the meantime we apologise that orders placed using this Online Shop can currently only be shipped to addresses within the UK mainland.
  • Postage is FREE for UK mainland deliveries on orders over £550.
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  • Box colour choices are:
    - transparent: e.g. "t. blue" = "transparent blue"
    - transparent bright: e.g. "tb. blue" = "transparent bright blue"
    - solid: e.g. "s. silver" = "solid silver"
    - cool: e.g. "c. blue" = "cool blue"
    - neon: e.g. "n. blue" = "neon blue"
    - jade: e.g. "j. blue" = "jade blue"
    - dove: e.g. "d. grey" = "dove grey"
    - white strong: "wh. strong" = "white strong"
    - bright: e.g. "b. blue" = "bright blue"
    - random: see product description for details
    - rainbow: see product description for details
    - patterned: see product description for details
    - multi-colour: "multi" = "multi-colour" (see product description for details)
  • We try to show product colours as accurately as possible, but please be aware that there may be slight differences in colour between the online images and the actual boxes themselves.
  • All boxes include a lid (as below) unless otherwise stated:
    - Clear & transparent boxes come with clear lids.
    - All other boxes come with lids the same colour as the box.
  • For external box dimensions we use the maximum size of the box with the lid and handles in place. For internal box dimensions, we take the minimum dimensions. All dimensions are approximate.
  • Images in the shop are for demonstration purposes only - box contents are not included!
  • Racking, drawer units, and storage units come with boxes included in the price - please check the individual product pages for details of which boxes are included.
  • Racking and drawer units can also be bought without boxes.
  • Drawer Unit top choices are:
    - flat top: "flat top"
    - stationery tray top: "st. tray top" = "stationery tray top"

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