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Box Handles


Box Handles
Buy Box Handles (singles):
Online price $0.67 (exc. tax)
Buy Box Handles (pack of 4):
Online price $2.66 (exc. tax)
pack(s) of 4
Buy Box Handles (pack of 12):
Online price $7.99 (exc. tax)
pack(s) of 12


You can order replacement box handles for your boxes. Please see the table below (or the alternative one further down the page) to see which handles fit your specific boxes.

Handle size Appropriate for these boxes
Size A0.07, 0.14 litre boxes
Size B0.2, 0.3 litre boxes
Size C0.35, 0.55, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9, 1.5 litre boxes
Size D0.75, 1.6 litre boxes
Size E1.75 litre boxes
Size F2.1 litre boxes
Size G2.5, 3, 5, 6.5, 8 litre boxes
Size H4, 6, 9, 12, 14, 19, 22, 24, 25, 77 litre boxes
Size I7, 10 litre boxes
Size J11, 18, 20, 21, 24.5, 33, 35, 42, 48, 50, 64, 70, 84, 145 litre boxes
Size K17, 32 litre US boxes
Size L8.1 litre US boxes

Please note
Box handles are only available in solid blue.
Handles will also fit XL and XXL versions of a box e.g. Size J handles will fit 35 litre boxes as well as 35 XL and 35 XXL litre boxes.
Handles are available as singles, or in packs of 4 or 12.

Check the handle size you need by finding your box size in the table below. Remember that handles will also fit XL and XXL versions of a box e.g. Size J handles will fit 35 litre boxes as well as 35 XL and 35 XXL litre boxes.

Box size Handle size required
0.07 litre boxSize A
0.14 litre boxSize A
0.2 litre boxSize B
0.3 litre boxSize B
0.35 litre boxSize C
0.55 litre boxSize C
0.7 litre boxSize C
0.75 litre boxSize D
0.8 litre boxSize C
0.9 litre boxSize C
1.5 litre boxSize C
1.6 litre boxSize D
1.75 litre boxSize E
2.1 litre boxSize F
2.5 litre boxSize G
3 litre boxSize G
4 litre boxSize H
5 litre boxSize G
6 litre boxSize H
6.5 litre boxSize G
7 litre boxSize I
8 litre boxSize G
8.1 litre US boxSize L
9 litre boxSize H
10 litre boxSize I
11 litre boxSize J
12 litre boxSize H
14 litre boxSize H
17 litre US boxSize K
18 litre boxSize J
19 litre boxSize H
20 litre boxSize J
21 litre boxSize J
22 litre boxSize H
24 litre boxSize H
24.5 litre boxSize J
25 litre boxSize H
32 litre US boxSize K
33 litre boxSize J
35 litre boxSize J
42 litre boxSize J
48 litre boxSize J
50 litre boxSize J
64 litre boxSize J
70 litre boxSize J
77 litre boxSize H
84 litre boxSize J
145 litre boxSize J

Please note:

  • All product prices are shown exclusive of any applicable sales tax.
  • Orders can include a mixture of products from any shop category.
  • You can add more than 10 to your basket either by 'clicking' the 'Add to Shopping Basket' button more than once, or by editing the amount in your shopping basket (click on 'View Basket' to see what is currently in your basket).
  • Color choices are:
    - transparent: e.g. "t. blue" = "transparent blue"
    - transparent bright: e.g. "tb. blue" = "transparent bright blue"
    - solid: e.g. "s. silver" = "solid silver" and "s. br green" = "solid British racing green"
    - white strong: "wh. strong" = "white strong"
    - bright: e.g. "b. blue" = "bright blue"
    - multi-colour: "multi" = "multi-colour" (see product description for details)
  • We try to show product colors as accurately as possible, but please be aware that there may be slight differences in color between the online images and the actual boxes themselves.
  • All boxes include a lid (as below) unless otherwise stated:
    - Clear & transparent boxes come with clear lids.
    - All other boxes come with lids the same color as the box.
  • All boxes include a lid unless otherwise stated.
  • For external box dimensions we use the maximum size of the box with the lid and handles in place. For internal box dimensions, we take the minimum dimensions. All dimensions and weigths are approximate.
  • Images in the shop are for demonstration purposes only - box contents are not included!

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