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Typical Uses

You are limited only by your imagination

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We feel that the most ingenious use we have been made aware of is the use the Charity Trade Aid made of our boxes.

They initially used the boxes as shipping containers and once they arrived in Tanzania they made a simple water filtration system out of a stack of boxes that they had modified by drilling holes in all but the bottom box and filling these holed boxes with filtration media like local sand and stones. It was then dirty water in at the top and filtered water at the bottom that was siphoned off through a tap.

Other typical uses include:

  • Archiving
  • Industrial storage & handling
  • Loft or garage storage
  • Removal crates
  • Kitting boxes
  • Hot desking boxes
  • Personal organiser
  • Training box
  • Toy box
  • Return to base transit box
  • Self storage box
  • Television & film production storage
    TV appearances include Big Brother, Silent Witness, Space Cadets, Hyperdrive
  • Christmas decoration storage
  • Hobby craft use
    Including Quilting, Scrapbooking, Cardmaking, etc.
Really Useful Boxes Really Useful Boxes

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